Meet Robert Simmons

I was born and raised in Columbia, SC, and having the opportunity to start my fitness journey here is a DREAM COME TRUE! Sports and fitness were big parts of my upbringing and continue to have big influences on my personal approach to life as well as my training style. With eight years of training and coaching experience, the one constant throughout fitness is the continual strive for results.

In a forever evolving field, weight training has been the consistent factor amongst the trends, and we have found the right blend of fun and hard work to keep you guessing at Results Fitness!

I’m excited to share our unique training style with the community and help people reach their goals and get results. Not only do we want to create an environment for young trainers to learn and grow, but we want to be mentors to the youth and instill positive health and wellness routines in their minds from a young age.

Fitness is an outlet for many people. With the blend of hard work and a community feel, Results Fitness is soon to be your only stop to get your individual RESULTS!

We are always looking for trainers of all experience levels.

Join the Results Team!