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Fitness Classes in Columbia, SC

Below is a list of the fitness classes we offer in Columbia, SC. These include HIIT training, cardio classes, weights classes, core strength classes, and combinations of these. If you have questions about any of these and how to put together a fitness routine that works with your schedule and specific needs, please contact us. Be sure to follow us on our Instagram page, where we keep things updated regularly!

Results Express

Results Express is the 35 minute version of our flagship Results circuit. 3 full rounds will surely be enough to get your cardio, weights and core exhausted. This class is a quick burn, helping you feel very accomplished in a short amount of time!

Workout of the Day (WOTD)

The Workout of The Day (WOTD) is very unique to Results and a favorite of ours! With start times every 15 minutes, we take away all the stress of committing to traditional class times! Though spots are still limited, the flexible schedule gives you and 4 others the opportunity to team up and compete in your own small group! Heads up - you won't know where you are starting or the workout until you arrive at the gym!!


WEIGHT TRAINING! LIFT is our signature weight training class that focuses on building strength and stamina through fundamental movements and full-body training. This class was designed to balance out the cardio elements of our other classes. LIFT will incorporate our philosophy of an intense warm-up to ensure your body is ready to get stronger!


Results is the ultimate 60-minute workout for all fitness levels which includes treadmill, weights, and core/slam balls. We do an intense first round that serves as your warm-up to get your heart rate up, setting you up for the rest of the class. Because of the intensity of the class, we do not recommend you take this class more than twice in a week. Also, if you are new to the gym, we recommend you get a personal assessment (given by one of our coaches) to ensure you are properly prepared for the class.

Cardio & Core

CARDIO TRAINING! Everyone's favorite! We use this class to get our big cardio work in while still focusing on smart and balanced circuits. CARDIO includes cardio circuits using treadmills, slam balls, bands, and more! This class can be modified for all levels and promises that "good cardio calorie burn!" There is a dedicated circuit to decrease your heart rate but exhaust your core! This class is a change of pace from our weightlifting classes.

Open Gym

Open Gym is a self-paced cardio and core-focused class with NO instructor. Clients sign up for a 30-minute window where you can follow a treadmill and core-based workout designed by our certified trainers! This class is designed for those with busy schedules but who need to come and get a quick workout. We will provide music but feel free to bring your own as well. We also encourage you to bring a yoga mat for your core exercises. Come and get RESULTS when no one is watching!

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