Personal Training

Personal Training in Columbia, SC

Personal Training is a specialized service we offer at Results Fitness. Personal Training is a good way to get extra attention on form, goals, encouragement etc. from one of our skilled trainers. We offer small group or individual training, ranging from 30 minutes to one hour for up to five people. If you prefer a group, you can form your own with a group of friends, or we can place you with a group that has similar fitness levels and goals.


“I have been training with Robert for about 5 years.  His positive energy and 1000 watt smile make me look forward to every workout! At 57 years old, I appreciate the way Robert can tailor my workouts to aches and pains I may be experiencing that day.  Even after knee surgery, I was able to get a good, and most importantly safe, workout under Robert’s direction. He is the best!"

-Lib F.


Prices for Personal Training vary based on the length of the session, as well as how many people are in the group. Contact us at for more information.